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    Hi. I'm new to this forum, but received some info re: the genographics project and ftdna. Here's the substance of some correspondence wth ftdna.

    Hello. I'm interested in National Geographic's Genographics project. I'd also like the option to
    have further DNA tests conducted by Family Tree DNA.

    1. I'm a male. Can I send a Genographics sample in, identifified as female, to get mitochrondial results?
    I want bot Mt and Y tests done (would send a separate sample as male for the Y). Since FTDNA does the
    testing, and obvioulsy males have Mt, would this be a problem?

    2. Can I send a Genographics sample as a male for the Y, and then have FTDNA do additional Mt testing on
    that sample?

    3. Or, if I go through FTDNA, and get both Y and Mt done, will I be able to fully participate in the
    Genographics project with both Y and Mt results?

    Thanks in advance for your advice. I don't know why the Genographics project doesn't allow males to have
    the option to also have Mt tested -- this no doubt will cause many a lot of confusion.

    1. You can send the test to NatGeo and mark it female for the mtDNA to be tested. Once you get their results, you will be able to upload the results to us through a link that they will offer and then order a Y-DNA test for less than $99.95.

    2. Yes, you can alternatively send the test for the Y and then request the mtDNA form us as an add-on.

    3. Yes, you can order the bundle from us. Later, there will be a small charge to upload each of your results to NatGeo.

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    I was pleasantly surprised by the intelligent response to my email from ftdna. So, it looks like we have total flexibility -- genographics to ftdna and vice versa, involvement with both, and the ability to get all the testing done we desire.