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  • What does it all mean?

    Can someone explain in simple terms what deep migration DNA is?

    What are the 12 markers for a typical Bushman? There obviously must be variation amongst them, so what is considered to be “Adams” DNA

    How do they know that San Bushmen are the oldest or original DNA?

    What part of my 12 marker DNA (R1b) shows that I am distantly related to them?

    What is the marker for Aborigines?

    How many surviving indigenous groups are there in the world?

    Could you give an example of the DNA say of the first 5 oldest groups?


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    R1b is the most common haplogroup in European populations.


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      Do not confuse SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) with STR (short tandem repeat) testing.

      The common 12, 25 and 37 marker tests are STR. Deep ancestry uses SNP testing.

      So the San bushmen (Basarwa) will have a range of STR values that are more typical to their population but probably vary more overall than say western european R1B. Adam's DNA!? No such thing in my humble opinion. Many y-lines died out we are left with the survivors.

      Therefore they represent the oldest "surviving" DNA group. Spencer Wells Book "Journey of Man" gives a good explanation of why they are considered the oldest. Basically they don't have marker values (SNPs) that the rest of the world accumulated over time.

      Nothing in your 12-marker test shows your relatedness to them, as explained above it is a different test.

      I don't think anyone can claim to know all of the indiginous populations around the world. I would certainly be interested in the best guesses though.

      Truly if we all descend from Africa, there is really only one indiginous place. People have migrated to other places in waves so it is kind of tricky saying who was where first.


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        Beside Spencer Wells see also Stephen Oppenheimer's "The Real Eve".


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          Hi Josh, I agree I thought oppenheimer's book was better overall, Well's is a much lighter read.

          Also, I think the tribe was the !kung not the Basarwa as I stated in my post. I am told that Bushmen is not a PC term.