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Haplogroup inhabitants of Old Rome and Italic union

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  • Haplogroup inhabitants of Old Rome and Italic union

    Is published the scientific article “Ancient Rome. Memphis. Itil” about attribution Old Rome and Italic union in the Volga region where on an extensive actual material it is proved, that Italic the union has been formed Finno-Ugric (N) by peoples of the Volga region and Latinas – German (R1) peoples of the Volga region.

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    According to work peoples Italic union (Itil) till now live on them grounds. Names of peoples practically have not changed: Marsi-Marrucini-Lucani-Vestini-Aurunces-Umbrini-Volsci-Samnium(Samniti)-Paeligni(Peligni)-Osci-Equi (Aequi)-Etrusci-Hernici-Venedi-Aurunces-Volsci-Umbrini correspond is Meri, Muroma, Meshera, Marri, Mordva, Vesti, Perm, Chud, Askali, Teqi, Gernici, Vendi, Aurzya, Nevri, Mocsha and Udmurts. Hence, Latinas means Al-tin-ianin or Gold literally. Link:


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      The table of conformity of names ancient Italic-Itil peoples:
      Card ancient Itil–Italic peoples of the Volga region, put on Map of VII century of Finno-Ugric peoples of Bulgar:
      Photo from space of area Selitrennoe on the rivers Volga-Akhtuba:
      Map of Idel (Itil) and Great Bulgaria VII centuries:
      Map is location of Phanagoria (Finn-Uroria). Capital of Bosporus Empire in V century BC – IV century and Great Bulgaria in VII century: