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Where Hg R people Homesteaders?

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  • Where Hg R people Homesteaders?

    I like the word "aftermath."

    I thought Hg R people lived in the time of hunter-gathers, but some people have suggested that the Hg R people did not travel around until 6000 to 4000 year ago. I always thought that proto-Hg R people were mobile. So, the Hg R people should be mobile? Still, the old idea is that husbandry did not start until various sub-clades of Hg R developed. Mobile people would likely develop seafaring ways too which is perfect for people who lived near seas and such.

    It would be difficult to trace a summer vacation or sea trip with genetics but I guess a natural disaster could make it hard to trace also.

    I guess hunter-gathers just do not have the time to write.

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    addition of a single marker, DYSA7.2