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    My mtDNA testing indicated that I am in haplogroup L1c2 with a possible connection to the Bushmen or Koisan people in southern Africa. Is there any way I can make a direct link and prove my heritage to these ancient people? I have a great opportunity to visit Botswana in 2011 and would like to know if I have any direct relatives living among the tribal people.

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    Where is the information about the Khoisan taken from?

    I'm no expert in the area. L1c and L1c2 are very ancient (perhaps > 50K old) and fairly widely dispersed groups.

    The few studies I know argue that L1c is especially frequent in Central Africa (meaning places Congo and Angola), and propose that its subclade L1c2 originated there. The tables presented show in fact relatively high frequencies of L1c2 in some of those places (eg Angola at 10%).

    I didn't have the impression that L1c is particularly frequent among the Khoisan, whose main haplogroups are instead L0d and L0k.

    In general, if you are African American, some papers have shown that in African Americans there is little or no trace of Khoisan or East African mtdna. Most of the mtdna lineages seem to come instead from West Africa, or from West-Central Africa (and Mozambique).

    Said that, I don't have specific data on the Khoisan. Nor do I know whether specific subgroups of L1c2 have been studied.


    For references:
    Salas et al The making of the African mtdna landscape (available online)
    Batini et al. Phylogeography of the human mitochondrial L1c haplogroup (probably not available online. ask if interested)


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      haplogroup L1c2

      The information was taken directly from my genetic history from the genographic project. It said, "these early ancestors migrated throughout much of sub_Saharan Africa, and today are found at highest frequencies among geographically diverse populations such as the central African Pigmies and the Khoisan of southern Africa". I would like to be able to locate a direct link.


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        That is another branch of L1c. The Batini paper indicated above shows that
        there is one branch of L1c1 that is present among Pygmies and the like. But that branch belongs to L1c1, not L1c2. L1c2 is present in central africa (zaire, angola and the like). So in your case I don't think there is a link with the khoisan, but rather with populations farther north.



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          Wonder why it said that on my printout. Oh well, the search continues.