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  • Should I Request A Kit?

    Well, of course completing a testing kit is a start. However should I begin one? My ancestry extends as far back as my paternal great-grandparents who were all born in Galicia Spain. My great and great-greatgrandfather (on my mother's side of course) were also all from Galicia Spain. My mother's mother (my grandmother) however was born in Cuba. Her parents (my maternal great-grandparents) were born in Cuba as well. My great-greatgrandparents on my mother's mother's side were possibly Basque and my great-great-grandmother on my mother's side was possibly Cuban and not Basque.

    These dates go back to the 1870s? or so....I want to take this further. I understand that in Spain the records are/were held by the Church and most Church records at least in Barcelona were lost during the Civil War. Can anyone can say whether I should test and which test should I take? Thanks!

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    I think I would order FF.
    National Geographic will tell you what part in the world you came from.
    I think you already know where you came from.


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      It depends what you want to find out. There are 3 major kinds of genetic genealogy/ancestry test:

      1) Y-DNA reflects only your patrilineage--your father's father's father[...], back to "Adam."

      2) mtDNA reflects only your matrilineage--your mother's mother's mother[...], back to "Eve."

      3) Autosomal DNA reflects all of your lines of descent, but can only reliably go back about 5 generations (or out as far as 3rd cousins).

      Frankly, I see no reason to use National Geographic as a "middle man." Order directly through a Family Tree DNA project, such as the one for Cuba.. A reasonable initial test is Y-DNA37, for $149 (plus a few dollars to ship the kit).


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        If you are a male, yes, you can order the Y-DNA tests.

        If no, you can't.

        If you are female and have a full brother that would be willing to test, you may want to consider going that route.

        The answer depends on your gender and then other possibilities can be sorted out more clearly for you.


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          I am male...and wanted to go as far back as possible with the family's fascinating


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            Autosomal tests like Family Finder cannot go back any further than 4-5 generations at most.

            In contrast, the Y-chromosome test can go much further back, but only along the purely male lineage. Whether you'll find anything of interest depends on how many relevant people have tested. Few people of certain ethnicities (such as latino, for instance, or east asian) have tested.



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              Latino is one of those iffy words....Is Latino Caribbean? Do Spaniards count as Latino? What about the French and Italians. When you say Latinos number in the few who have tested, which regional/national groups do you mean?