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    Windover Bog people. PBS, not sure of the exact title. 7000 year old cemetery in Florida. I always suspected ancient humans were sophisticated but was blown away learning about these people and how they lived. Compassionate, co-operative, just like modern humans I'm about 1/2 hour from this site and really surprised the geography hasn't changed that much in 7k years. TBH I though Florida was under water then but what do I know. They did a little DNA, not much. The first samples were NA (80's tech) then they re-did the samples w/ new technology and they came back European Halpo so contamination is suspected. If you don't trust the bog radio carbon the corpses are atleast 4k y/o since no pottery shards found.

    Watch this if you get the chance.

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    I live in Florida and get PBS. When is the show airing?


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      Here's the program writeup: