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Genographc Project: Paternal and Matenal?

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  • Genographc Project: Paternal and Matenal?

    I received my mitochondrial results, and I thought I completed the process to transfer the results to the Genographic project, but for some reason I am not seeing the results (it's been 3 days).

    I'm logging in with the number they gave me for the paternal results .. did I miss something along the way? Am I supposed to sign in with a different number for the maternal results? If so how would I go about having that info sent to me again? I don't think I was smart enough to save the web page that confirmed that the results were transferred.



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    It could take a few days.

    The bigger issue... I assume you had a brother or father or male cousin tested, unless Denise is also a male name.

    If not, you are not going to see any male information. mtDNA can be taken from a woman or a man, but yDNA is only able to come from a man.


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      Yes, it was my brother's, I'm the genealogist in the family. ;-)


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        Back in 2006, when my mtdna result was done, everytime I logged into my GP account/kit I was prompted to add/send my info to FTDNA. I ended up filling out and submitting that online form many times. My point is to tell you to keep trying. I think GP had some glitch in their system back then, maybe they still have that glitch. Eventually you will be able to login to FTDNA main page. To transfer your mtdna from GP to FTDNA use the kit number and password that goes with your mtdna, not your brothers ydna kit #.
        Try your GP kit # & password in FTDNAs log-in fields to see if it works and if you already have a personal page.
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