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Procedural Integrity and splash claims concerning mt DNA, ancient or modern

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  • Procedural Integrity and splash claims concerning mt DNA, ancient or modern

    I just read one of the most readable technical articles I have ever read on any subject, explaining deficiencies in lab and sampling protocols that have undermined (or perhaps should undermine) the credibility of many attempts to twig the characteristics of ancient and even modern DNA. It is thoroughly discouraging to one who, like me, had hoped for validation (or invalidation) of conclusions derived from modern DNA. However discouraging it convincing. It also provides some useful and constructive criticisms that reflect on some current research. I come away from reading this article even more impressed with FT DNA and patient with the time it takes them to produce results. I would encourage anyone who has not already read this article to take the time to do it. Although there are some jargon terms and you may well not follow every paragraph, the general sense comes through very clearly. It is found at:

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    The caveats seem to have been well received as of late.

    It is precisely due to this sort of criticism that we can today have more confidence in results achieved from digs etc.

    This was written in 2005. So much has happened in such a short time that the fears, while justified, are much paler now.

    Archeologists in general have now come to the genetics side of this puzzle, and are at least attempting to do a better job.

    There is always room for improvement, but we've seen some better attention paid with more recent studies and digs.


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      A hopeful post

      because I think shaky validation of today's theories of the past based on modern self selected DNA . I remain appreciated of FT DNA for its reputation for following the protocols rigorously.