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Kipchak Tribesman of Kazakhstan P312+

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  • Kipchak Tribesman of Kazakhstan P312+

    Today the R-P312 and Subclades Project received a P312+ report for our member Assankhan Mamedaliyev, who is a Kipchak tribesman of Kazakhstan (Ysearch UE8RB).

    Thus far the admin of the Kazakhstan Project has advised me that Kipchak tribal registries are strict and that as far as he knows Mamedaliyev's paternal ancestry is solidly Kipchak. Of course, the possibility of some distant western ancestor exists, but I won't speculate on that.

    The Kipchaks are related to the Bashkirs of Russian Bashkortostan, and there is a high frequency of R1b1b2 among the Bashkirs. I'm going to ask the geneticists Yunusbaev and Khusnutdinova of the university in Ufa in Bashkortostan to test some of their Bashkir samples for P312. They probably won't do it, but I can try.

    We're trying to arrange for a Deep Clade-R test and an L21 test for Mamedaliyev now.

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    Those results would be very interesting.
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      Originally posted by M.O'Connor
      Those results would be very interesting.
      Well, now Mamedaliyev has both a Deep Clade-R and an L21 test underway.

      The results should be interesting.