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Innovation linked to Human Migration

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  • Innovation linked to Human Migration

    Innovation, climate change, may have triggered early humans' migration out of Africa, a new study suggests:

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    Intriguing study. They dated two advanced industries that appeared in S Africa, the Still Bay (SB) and the Howieson's Poort (HP). SB was about 71 to 72 KYA, HP 65 to 60 KYA, and apparently, they were separated by a period of time. The author suggest that such technological innovations seem roughly to match the timing of hypothesized human expansions out of Africa. Perhaps they are a sign of some burst of innovation (or something) that also caused people to leave Africa and expand.



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      driven or lured?

      It was pointed out somewhere that there are two sides to out-migrations; factors faling into two catagories. That is, forces driving people out and forces luring people to some new destination. Disease and parasites in Africa would seem to be a powerful force to drive peeople away from their original abodes.


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        Originally posted by PDHOTLEN
        Disease and parasites in Africa would seem to be a powerful force to drive peeople away from their original abodes.
        Do we have any evidence of debilitating disease and parasites causing exodus 70KYBP, or is it just a stereotype image of Africa of today?


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          I think the most natural explanation for moving out is simply to find new sources of food. A given piece of land can sustain only so many people, and moving to another land increases the resources available. Of course, this movement is possible only when the technology and/or the weather is good enough.

          One of the points of the article cited by Kaiser is that the movement within Africa of two particular technologies (which probably correlates with movements of people) does not seem correlate with weather patterns, meaning that it was probably driven entirely by the advantages given by the technology themselves. The weather story instead would be that some climatic change allowed people to move to areas that were previously uninhabitable, or made them move out of areas that became uninhabitable. For instance (in a different context) periods when the Sahara has green corridors would allow people to move north; periods when Beringia was not under ice allowed people to move to America.

          There were probably diseases back then too, but I think the big epidemics started only after the neolithic, when enough people lived closed together.