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Help With Subhaplogroup U Please!

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    just in case ..
    well and it looks like your dna is a eurasian line and it is also in west africa it is so rare there and much higher in west africa . so you can't leave out the posiblity of native american.. in that your group may be from the America's ( south central caribbean and or north )slave trade and they dropped off folks like into Lyberian and west A.indias from like " Dutch West Indies" into seirra leone west african. there were America slaves and blacks taken or left there after slavery.
    native american women being bred to black african males is what the vast majority of the slaves were bred from in all of the americas. so you might want to figure that into your ideas about origins.


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      Thank you everbody so much.

      I just read that most of Jewish people hg K1a1b1a come from U8b which originated 17 000 years ago in Northern Adriatic according to Bryan Sykes. And my family is generations here at the Adriatic sea...