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  • Genographic mtDNA Database

    78,590 mtDNA genotypes have been studied so far by the Genographic Project. The results are available at:
    Explore National Geographic. A world leader in geography, cartography and exploration.

    It should be noted that "the accumulated database is biased towards countries in which the project is well known and where the kits are economically accessible to a significant fraction of the population. The fact that 95% of the participation kits were ordered in the US and Western Europe is consistent with the Hg frequencies observed, and suggests that the majority of the participants are of West Eurasian (probably European) ancestry."

    Of the Hg frequencies observed, Haplogroup H tops the list at 38%, with U* at 13% and J, T & K tied at ~8%.

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    Thanks for that. Had to shrink it to 75% to skim thru it. I liked Figure 4. on page 11. Enlarged that to 200%. I saw H is 38% I'm an H
    I found out yesterday I'm an H1. There was nothing here that went into subclade details. Would like to know more about H1.