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re-doing ancestry by dna test

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  • Maria_W
    ABDNA retest.

    I beleive you have to have 15 failed markers before they will test for reduced or free. I had 9 failed markers and they told me that it wouldn't really make that much difference. So, I didn't retest. I have to be honest, I would like to retest to see if the score would be higher. But...What if I redid the test and their was no failed markers whose score would change? So for now, I wait.


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  • tomcat
    They would retest you at the cost of another test, if you like. Although I am certain they would assure you of the accuracy of the first test and predict the results of the second would be no different. Did you have any/many failed markers?

    However, your recently discovered fractional Native ancestry does not add-up to your approximate 12% Native American result. Your have 1/8 NA at the GGP generation that descends to you as 1/64, and you have 1/8 NA at the GP generation that descends to you as 1/32 giving you a combined 3/64 on paper.

    Seems to me, tracking down the missing Native ancestry evidenced by your test result would the more productive use of genealogical dollars .
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  • dnaval
    Guest started a topic re-doing ancestry by dna test

    re-doing ancestry by dna test

    I was wondering if dna print will re-do a test.
    Resently I found some interesting info in my family
    my great-grandfather married a full-blood mayan
    in Mexico.
    Also recently discovered my grandmother was 1/2 cherokee.
    My ABDNA said 12% possibly up to 20%
    They said could just be statistical noise.
    I would appreciate any input.