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Yeshua bar Yehosef, Israel, 2000 years ago

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    Subclade K

    Originally posted by josh w.
    Jaynegen, I wish I could be of more help on this. Perhaps other forum readers might know more. What you need is a very specific test--a Mtdna K subclade test. However I am not aware if anyone offers such a test. FTDNA claims it compares individual results with Behar's K subclade findings. However they do not advertise any such test. My suggestion would be to contact the FTDNA staff.
    Thanks, I did contact them and there they don't offer a subclade test yet. To compare with the data that's out there I need a full mtdna; I'm considering it...

    Actually, you and others have been very helpful, and I appreciate it!


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      Jaynegen, it might be possible to get some clarity just with the information that you already have. If most of your matches have Ashkenazi surnames then it is likely that you belong to one of Behar's subclades. Of course some people of Jewish ancestry may have changed there surnames for various reasons. Checking the Ancestral Origins page or uploading to Mitosearch will give you more information on the backgrounds of your matches. For example some of your matches may have English appearing surnames but if no matches are from England ...

      Also check the K Project. Individuals who have been tested for the Behar subclades seem to fall into a limited number of clusters in terms of HVR mutations. It would be informative if your mutations fall into one of these clusters. Even negative information might help. Although there is some overlap, individuals from the non Behar subclades also fall on mutation clusters. If your mutations do not match these clusters ...

      Again, good luck in your search.