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Food Supply and Migration

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    I guess that is true, Jim. I wonder how the birds migrated in those days too.

    Approximately 40% of young eagles do not survive their first flight
    Originally posted by Jim Denning
    indians followed game across the north atlantic ice and thru the land in the berring sea and down the both coasts .i believe dylan said we go to school to learn the words of fools
    and thats only the ways we think they did it now


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      Originally posted by GregKiroKH2
      Many humans stop producing lactase between the ages of two and five.
      Some studies have showed children to have bad reactions to milk. Often, other foods can be served to provide a balanced diet.

      Lactose intolerance rates as given on the above site:
      Southeast Asians/98%
      Asian Americans/90%
      Alaskan Eskimo/80%
      African Americans Adults/79%
      Mexicans from rural communities/73.8%
      North American Jews/68.8%
      Creek Cypriots/66%
      Mexican American Males/55%
      Indian Adults/50%
      African American Children/45%
      Indian Children/20%
      Caucasians of N. European and Scandinavian decent/5%
      The prevalence of primary lactose maldigestion is 3–5% in Scandinavia, 17% in Finland, 5–15% in Great Britain, 15% in Germany, 15–20% in Austria, 17% in northern France, 65% in southern France, 20–70% in Italy, 55% in the Balkans, 70–90% in Africa (exeptions: Bedouins, 25%; Tuareg, 13%; Fulani, 22%), 80% in Central Asia, 90–100% in Eastern Asia, 30% in northern India, 70% in southern India, 15% in North American whites, 80% in North American blacks, 53% in North American Hispanics, and 65–75% in South America


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        Cold Milk vs. Hot Milk

        Milk gets sour in hotter areas faster than in colder areas. I will not drink sour milk. I always liked my cold milk. Maybe, people in hotter regions did not like drinking sour milk. Of course, this is an opinion, and it is not a scientific result.