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Can Haplogroups [haplotyes ] attract

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  • Can Haplogroups [haplotyes ] attract

    Can Haplogroups [haplotyes ] attract

    I'm a whte Irishmen from Longford whose e3b1 married a italian girl -H7 519C 263G,315.1C

    i have 4 matches in my frosinone project e3b1 pretty close matches.
    now 519c-and even a close match in frosinone H 519C 263G,315.1C
    now i wonder if a larger sample will show e3b1 my e3b1 will be very common in frosinone. i bet it will btw.
    in Sicily Project maybe H 519C 263G,309.1C,315.1C i cant be sure cause this isnt my project but a simuliar mtdna belongs to a co-admin named denning
    now she hasnt tested the denning male i wonder if he is my e3b1
    i dont get along with my brother in law but i am trying to get a mazzola from her line to see if they are e3b1. if they are that also would show my wives e3b1 mazzola would of married a H 519C 263G,315.1C martini

    i know this is weak but i cant get it out of my mind .its in a corner up there
    also granted the mazzolas and martis come from a small town san danato on a hill south of rome where the only dna injection would of been the albanian invasion centuries ago

    here is the question do you think its possible e3bs might attract to h7 or just h 519s

    anyone else seen this
    also my dad e3b1 maried H 519C 263G,315.1C
    and his dad married H 519C 93G,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C
    national geo pay attention
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    There are some arguments that the markers are mostly "junk DNA" though there is evidence that missing certain markers, for example on the Y-DNA, can cause infertility, so conceivably they denote the extant nature of sexual characteristics on the whole.

    If one takes the Y-DNA from the perspective that it is the source of maleness, beyond the terms of simply eliciting those features at the beginning of life; I might venture to postulate that different Y-chromosomes make men 'different' on some level. There might be some selection qualities for the opposite sex that haven't been investigated. At least, those are my thoughts.

    Maybe the prevalence of certain Y markers over others isn't entirely due to genetic drift and there may be some sexual selection to do with it.


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      I don't know if your case is unusual,though it is coincidental. You're a white guy,seems to be and most Europeans are haplotype H,so it isn't all that unusual. Most R1b1 guys are married to or born from my K haplotype-is that coincidental or planning? Anyway I'd like to date a few R1b1 guys that are my class(working),and have age and astral sign compatibility as there is some truth in the zodiac.BUT ,let me add I'd give it a try for any nice,good person I'd meet regardless of all the breed,age,and zodiac sign stuff.(but I'd like to experiment and see if my breed,age,and zodiac sign compatibility works or not).