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  • I'm Just A Cheap Guy

    Why not order your test thru the Geneographic Project at $100.00 instead of ordering a Y-DNA 12 thru FTDNA for $149.00 ?????

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    If you join a surname project the cost to you will be the same. Is there a surname project for you. If not then you can start your own project, with rates at a project level. You will also increase your chances of finding matches within a surname group.


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      Thats why I asked the question. I formed the Skiles/Skyles group today. Where do I find a price list for tests accessed thru a surname project.

      Bests, Glenn


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        You didn't say, so I'll assume you set up the project through FTDNA. If so, you should receive an e-mail from them with your project ID and project password. If you go to the FTDNA home page and use these in the "MY FTDNA" box in the right hand column it will take you to the project GAP site which you need to set up. One of the links on that site is for adding new members. You can add yourself there. The prices will be given at the bottom of the first page.

        Your project will not show up in their project list until it has at least one member.


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          Found It. Thanks Jim