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Greek haplogroup r1a m17

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  • Greek haplogroup r1a m17

    I just received my results back from the Genographic project and was wondering if there were any other Greeks in the haplogroup r1a m17.

    According to Studies r1a makes up 11.6% of the Greek population.

    The R1a lineage is believed to descend from a group of people (the Kurgan culture) who spent the Ice Age around the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and later entered Europe from the east, bringing innovations such as agriculture and domestication of the horse. They were the original "Indo-Europeans" whose cultures and languages came to dominate the European continent.

    The "Kurgan hypothesis" of Proto-Indo-European (PIE) origins assumes gradual expansion of the "Kurgan culture" until it encompasses the entire Pontic steppe, Kurgan IV being identified with the Pit Grave culture of around 3000 BC. Subsequent expansion beyond the steppes leads to hybrid cultures, such as the Globular Amphora culture to the west, the immigration of proto-Greeks to the Balkans.

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    You might consider creating a Family Tree DNA account (at no charge, from your Genographic page), and then uploading your DNA information into the Ysearch database.

    Looking at that database, I don't see any R1a from Greece. (You would be the first!) I do see two R1a from Turkey:

    Yonan (UKF7K) from Turkey but actually Assyrian
    Koroglu (JYNDR) from Turkey