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Question : Haplogroup J and SNP test

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  • Question : Haplogroup J and SNP test


    I ve just received my results from the Genographic project that identified me as a member of Haplogroup J (SNP seems to have been performed to find it).

    According to the report, I was tested positive to M304 marker which is the defining marker of Haplogroup J. However nothing is mentioned concerning M172 and M267 to determine whether I am a J*, J1 or J2 !

    Does it mean I was tested negative for those markers and that I am a J* ? Or Do I have to order again a new test to have this minimum information ?

    Thanks for your help

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    You can search for your markers at / If all your closest matches are J1, then you will probably be J1 as well. If all your closest matches are J* then your most likely haplogroup is J* etc. etc.


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      Thank you for your answer Native.

      When I have uploaded my Y-DNA test results from Genographic project to FTDNA database, I was assigned as J1, which surprised me because Genographic test only says J (M304+).

      As far as I understood, J1 reported by FTDNA was only a prediction that need to be confirmed by a deep SNP test on marker M267. When I compare my results with the Ysearch database as you mentioned , I can find J2s but also Js and J1s at a maximum genetic distance of 3...

      I think I cannot rely on the statistic predictions because genographic needed additional tests (SNP I suppose) to determine my Halogroup. My STRs results must be too ambigous.

      Does someone know if Genographic report only your "base" halogroup J and then you have to order a new test to know if it is J1, J2 or even J* ?

      Thanks for your time


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        My understanding is that you are exactly correct. Genographic only runs a so-called backbone SNP test to determine your haplogroup--e.g., J. If you want definitive confirmation of deeper classification, you have to order a so-called deepSNP or Deep Haplogroup test from Family Tree DNA. Otherwise, as you say, FTDNA may "predict" you to be J1 based on your marker pattern but that is not a definitive confirmation.


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          Thanks a lot Igmayka.

          Just a short question again , I ve transferred my Genographic project results to the FTDNA database . If I order a test to FTDNA , will they collect a new DNA sample or use the old one I sent to Genographic?

          The sentence in bold is unclear for me.

          8. I have already tested with the Genographic Project. How can I join Family Tree DNA?

          Joining Family Tree DNA after you received your results from the Genographic Project is simple. At the bottom of your results page you will see a link "Learn More", which takes you to Family Tree DNA. You will also be offered to join a Surname Project during the process of transferring your data, and obtain additional information related to genealogy at no extra cost. Should you decide to do any of the other genealogy-related tests that we offer, including upgrades to more markers, you will be entitled to a reduced rate and Family Tree DNA won't need to collect your sample again, as Family Tree DNA offers to store your DNA for 25 years as an additional service - free of charge.


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            Originally posted by mu01dr
            Family Tree DNA won't need to collect your sample again, as Family Tree DNA offers to store your DNA for 25 years
            FTDNA and GP kits are handled by the same lab, so they already have your sample and they'll store it for up to 25 years.

            The only time you'll need to provide a new sample is if they have any trouble with your existing samples or if they use up your existing samples for some reason. This is not a common occurence, but it does happen periodically. In such cases, there's no extra charge and they'll automatically mail a new kit.
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