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Help with Geno 2.0 Next gen results

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  • csb461
    My reference populations are not a good match either. Here are my results from Geno 2.0:
    91% Jewish Diaspora
    5% Persian Gulf/Southwest Asia
    2% North African
    2% West Mediterranean

    And the reference populations they gave me were #1:
    German who are:
    53% Northwest Europe
    29% Eastern Europe
    16% Jewish Diaspora
    2% Northeastern Europ

    and #2:
    Lebanese who are:
    46% Asia Minor
    37% Persian Gulf/Southwest Asia
    9% Jewish Diaspora
    8% Northern Africa

    Perhaps the selection of those two populations was that those have Jewish Diaspora inherent in them and that was my dominant makeup. But neither is a great match for me.

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  • wombat
    The reference populations just show you the average ratios people from a bunch of areas score to give you a better idea of how the test works. They just toss the two that are overall closest to your results but they don't mean you have to have any ancestry from there at all and for some the numbers won't be all that close.

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  • Pmoncada
    started a topic Help with Geno 2.0 Next gen results

    Help with Geno 2.0 Next gen results

    hello, I am new here and just recently received my results from Geno 2.0 but am rather confused about the results. As far as I know, I am half puerto rican/half Honduran but these are the results I got back:

    NW Europe 25%
    N America and Andes 22%
    West Mediterranean 18%
    Western Africa 12%
    Asia Minor 6%
    South America & Amazon 4%
    Southwest Asia/Persian Gulf 4%
    Northern India 3%
    Eastern Europe 2%
    Northern Africa 2%

    My reference populations are Peruvians from Lima and the French. Nat Geo doesnt do a great job of explaining what these mean. Does this mean that I share similar DNA with these groups? As I look at the comparison between my percentages and theirs, they dont match all that much. For example:

    North America & Andes 43%
    Southwestern Europe 28%

    but I dont even have SW European in my results.

    Any help would be great right now. Thanks guys