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SNP vs STR testing

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  • SNP vs STR testing

    A question for the experienced.

    I've just uploaded NatGeo Geno results. The Y-DNA tree is quite a bit more detailed and goes further than what I got on 23andMe.

    They're offering a 159 SNP test to take the analysis a few steps further.

    My question - what equivalence would this test result have to the Y37 and Y67?

    Guess I'm not clear on STRs vs SNPs?

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    STR tests (12, 25, 37, 67 or 111 marker levels) only give you a basic Haplogroup prediction based on your first 12 markers.

    No SNPs are tested unless they can not confidently predict haplogroup based on first 12 STR markers.
    If they can not confidently predict basic haplogroup the will run a Backbone test (SNP assurance program) which will test these basic haplogroup SNPs

    Attachment is the basic haplogroup predictions you could get depending on STR values and projected haplogroup.
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