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  • Getting a gift kit

    I've searched both this site and the Genographic site without finding a specific answer to this question, so I'm taking the liberty of starting a new thread. I'd like to purchase a gift kit for a distant male cousin so that I can compare his results with my brother's on the 12-marker test. I've already concluded, through conventional genealogical methods, that we are related through a common great-great-great-grandfather, and would like to bolster that conclusion. (We all share the same surname.) Can I do this on the Genographics site, and have the kit sent directly to him? I assume I would then have to ask him to share the password for that kit, since I wouldn't have it directly. He doesn't live nearby, so it wouldn't be convenient to order the kit and have it sent to myself, which would also slow things down. I know there are other options (surname projects, etc., but I'd like to go through the Genographic Project if possible.)


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    I went directly through FTDNA to order a gift kit for my uncle. I simply used his name and address as the 'target', but my credit card information (including name and address). I also gave my email address, so all email (including passwords, etc.) comes to me. (My uncle doesn't use email anyway, as far as I know.)

    FTDNA actually accepts two different email addresses, in case you do want to have copies sent to both 'donor' and 'target'.


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      I ordered two kits through the Genographic Project, one for my brother and one for my grandfather. I entered their names and addresses for the shipping info and my own name, address and cc# for billing. I indeed had to ask them for their GP IDs after they received the kits since GP doesn't send out any info via email.

      For FTDNA, as lgmayka says, you can do the same and also include your own email address on the order form so that you get all the email notifications, including the kit # and password.