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A lovely D1 met a handsome E-P277..

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  • A lovely D1 met a handsome E-P277..

    And while we may never know their autosomal stories (as both are in batch 725) we now have results for their 1st born - from Genographic, which was very much faster. North America & Andes 43% + South America & Amazon 5% =48% American Indian; Western Africa 36%; Europe(various, mostly southern)14%; and a tiny touch of Central Asia. No surprises, and we knew all about the mtDNA D1 from previous testing in academia.

    There are some curiosities. We wonder about how someone who is only 14% European tests as 1.1% Neanderthal. And why, if the slave surnames are all very Brit, the European part is mostly Mediterranean. (The upper south slave owners employed Corsican overseers or what?) But it adds to the fun.

    But - we unfortunately ordered before we realized the implications of their switch to Helix.
    1) The "privacy" policy clearly points out that they (Helix) own the data and can sell it to whomever they wish.
    2) We have no access to the actual data, cannot download or even see it.
    3) No transfer to FT, or anywhere else, is possible.
    4) And the whole point of choosing Genographic to support citizen science is moot. Unlike FT the "profile" consists only of e-mail and password. No interest in surnames. No interest in most distant ancestors known. No interest in where the family lived. No interest in asking permission to use the results in research. One would think that not many people who are D1 participate in these commercial ....
    5) Oh well, and their support staff is stupid. Sorry, I can't think of a kinder word.

    BTW the support staff at geni, in contrast, is fabulous.