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  • T2-More info?

    Can anyone help me? I just received my results from the Genographic Project and FTDNA. I'm T2:


    I'm a little confused about what I've been reading about T. The "Clan of Tara" seems to be so Irish sounding, but it looks like it could be from just about anywhere. I'm not totally sure if my maternal line is Irish or not. Can my last two mutations tell me anything? Or are they too common?

    I've ordered HVR2, but I haven't received the results yet. Will that help me narrow a location down? Has anyone else had any luck with T2...?

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    I'm T2, too. (So was Jesse James!)

    Same numbers as yours.

    Matches in Ireland, England, Scotland, Russia, Poland, etc. Even a few Ashkenazim.


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      Help with T2?

      I'm T2 also, with the same HRV1 sequences as Meredith. Does this mean we are related? This whole thing is a little hard to understand! I know my mother's family came from England and before that Scotland because I've done genealogy so this is really interesting.

      Debbie DD


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        Hi Debbie DD, I'm also T2 and have the same HVR1 mutations as you and Meredith (plus three more).

        Unfortunately, thus far I haven't been able to learn anything really meaningful about this haplogroup.
        I only know it's particularly widespread in Eastern Europe. There's a good amount of it in Central and Southern Europe, too.

        Maybe you want to join the haplogroup T project here: