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Euro R1bs not Indoeuropeans?

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    Originally posted by Downer101
    This is not true, the distribution of R1b is so concentrated in Western and Central Europe that it is Native. R1a is amongst the first speakers of PIE because it is distributed the most amongst the Slavs and Central Asians more recently. Slavs and Indo-Iranians, etc. are the languages that are the closest to the original PIE. Our native toungue might've been Proto-Basque, but it's also possible that Basque is a double-toungue (intermediate language). Although the latter that the Basque is an intermediate language I doubt.
    You are contradicting something I posted as a joke, which perhaps you should have noticed.

    Besides that, you are mistaken in what you say. Slavic and Indo-Iranian are NOT the most archaic forms of Indo-European. Here's something else you missed that you might care to explain. R1a is strongly associated with speakers of satem (Eastern) Indo-European languages but not with speakers of centum (Western) Indo-European, among whom R1b1c prevails.

    There is no evidence that there ever was a time when all R1bs spoke Basque or anything like Basque, a language limited to a small minority who could very easily have become predominantly R1b through a combination of admixture from surrounding populations and genetic drift.
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