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Does FTDNA have my sample?

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  • Does FTDNA have my sample?

    I received test results from GENO 2.0 in November of 2014, but I just transferred to FTDNA this month.

    I'm hoping to do further testing, so I'm wondering if FTDNA has my actual sample, or if it was destroyed by GENO some time ago?

    I'm hoping FTDNA has it as this is my father's sample and while I had his full blessing to do what I wanted with the sample, additional sample collection would likely be seen as a nuisance. He doesn't really understand the tests available and trying to explain the scope of the GENO test already hasn't gone very well.

    I've read that if FTDNA doesn't have an adequate sample, they will send out a collection kit, but I would rather know if there is adequate sample before ordering any tests.