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how long "Quality control phase" take these days

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  • how long "Quality control phase" take these days

    my sample is enter into quality control since march 10 and still at this step despite the notice in my account said that i will get my result "very soon ".I send an email to them and on march 22 they respond to my email that they are actually doing the update of their Y-DNA tree and this is the reason of the delay of my results but I do not understand the connection between my result and the update of their Y-DNA tree unless the whole team are busy with this task. so how long did everyone's "Quality Control" phase take in these days?

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    They have delayed your results because people that received results in January, and even possibly earlier, were given incorrect results. If I were you I'd be patient. Better to get no results, than have the wrong results for 4 or 5 months!


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      I guess I never thought about there being a quality control with these dna companies - maybe that is why I got mine back from Ancestry so quick -