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Cannot transfer MtDNA GP results to FTDNA

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  • Cannot transfer MtDNA GP results to FTDNA

    I am unable to transfer my wife's MtDNA results from GP to FTDNA. FTDNA tells me the results cannot be transferred because they are incomplete. Yet this is obviously not what GP states.

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    Other people have also had problems with the transfer. You'll have to turn in a ticket, call FTDNA or, send a PM to the moderator Darren.


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      also got Incomplete message over and over

      Same situation for me - until I went into "purchase now" for upgrade - to Family Member finder special $39 and also did upgrade for Ydna - 111 - then that took me to a (bring it over) "pull" to FT-DNA rather than the previous "push" from Genographic project 2.0 Next Generation and at that point the transfer went fine. FT-DNA where I did submit a ticket were not the ones to Solve this. They just said "we have some (few) where this is happening" no solution from them. It bothered me with the (failing) "push" that after I had already put in my Genographic KIT number, when I went to the next screen (which was not Genographic but was FT-DNA) it asked me to enter the KIT number again (which I had already provided - and should be passed along). I did my whole career in computer tech support from 1974 to 2009.