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Why are my Geno 2.0 (Next Generation) Results Still Pending???

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  • Why are my Geno 2.0 (Next Generation) Results Still Pending???

    Hey all,

    I've tested with Genographic and got my results a month ago, transferring them immediately to FTDNA. The transfer had registered as Completed once on 01/12/2016, but there is another Completed row that says Pending next to it.

    I've contacted FTDNA through Facebook and we reach the following conclusion:

    "Regarding kit 154531, this account is under a different name and email. This kit number appears to be: N154531. I see you transferred your data. This transfer includes moving some of your data to us. However, I can see that the haplogroups did not transfer over and this issue has been reported. Our IT team is looking into it."

    This was on January 25th, 2016.

    I've also called a couple of times in January.

    My haplogroups are L3E2A1B1 and E-CTS4781. I don't know much about them at all, not even from Genographic. The most I know is of my 86% West African descent, but I also have 8% English and 4% Scandinavian. However, I was planning on getting most of the information I need from outside Genographic.

    FTDNA has only provided me with one match, and I am sure it is because of the ongoing issue with my Geno 2.0 Transfer. I'm not sure what else to do because I have been toldI would receive an ETA on when the issue will be resolved. I kind of feel like it is being forgotten about since I have received no email.

    The most information I've been able to gather was from GEDMatch after downloading my raw data from FTDNA, but this only provides little more information than Genographic already did ie a basic overview of my ancestral origins.

    I'd really like to start working on building my tree soon, as I am rom Dominica in the West Indies (not the Dominican Republic) and it is already difficult for most to understand their heritage.

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    E-CTS4781 seems to be more common in Kenyans.