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Discrepancies in Test Results

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  • Discrepancies in Test Results

    I recently purchased a 12-marker Y-chromosome test from the Genographic Project. Shortly afterward, I submitted a sample to the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation for their 36-marker Y-chromosome test.

    I just received the SMGF results and found discrepancies (a difference in one value in each case) with the Genographic Project results for the following four markers: DYS389B, DYS390, and DYS393, and DYS394.

    Are these kinds of discrepancies common in DNA tests? Any suggestions on how I can reconcile the different test results?



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    How does one read Sorenson's database?

    I only recently submitted a test kit to them (it was free), so it's too soon for my results to be in their database.

    Just the same, how does one see individual markers in the Sorenson database?

    I see their lab standard values, but I don't see the values recorded for individuals.

    I'm sure I'm missing something. Perhaps someone can explain?


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      This Is Very Disturbing...

      I cannot believe that someone associated with FTDNA has not responded concerning RCC's experience. I am also the victim of FTDNA's discrepancy in the DYS459a readings between my 25-marker upgrade and my 37-marker upgrade.

      People get sent to prison or worse because of DNA analysis! RCC deserves an explanation...


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        Have you asked anyone from FTDNA about the discrepancies, RCC?

        If so, how did he or she respond?

        Such things are very troubling.


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          Are you sure there is a discrepancy, RCC?

          Because I did not understand Sorenson's database, I sent them an email asking for an explanation. The answer I received says that even participants in the SMGF study are not allowed to see their results. They must have an independent Y-DNA or mtDNA test done so they can compare that result to the SMGF lab standard.

          I may still not fully understand SMGF, but how can you be sure you were actually looking at your own SMGF results, RCC? Is it possible you were looking at someone else's that were close to yours but off by those markers you found to be discrepant?