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    My brother recently transferred his Geno 2.0 Next Gen results (which I am co-administrator for) but there is an issue with his mtDNA. FTDNA is not showing a haplogroup for his mtDNA. I'm being told that we have to upgrade. I thought the mtDNA was included in the transfer?

    Thanks in advance!

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    This is part of a newsletter sent to the Project Administrators on Jan 19th.

    ..." Geno 2 Next Gen Transfers

    The National Geographic Genographic Project’s Geno 2 Next Gen results have been arriving for some time, and now the transfer feature is functional. Testers may transfer their results to FTDNA for free and, as with Geno 2.0, will see the Y-DNA SNPs and haplogroup as well as the mtDNA haplogroup. Once transferred, the tester may upgrade their results to include Family Finder for just $39.

    Y and mtDNA raw data can be downloaded with the free transfer; to download, the autosomal portion requires the upgrade to Family Finder.

    Please note that the transfer option is only available for completed tests. Attempts to transfer a test before results are complete will trigger a message saying to try again later. "....

    Reading thru posts on the FTDNA Facebook page and here on the forum there are still problems with the transfer process. As usual, FTDNA releases a process that they have failed to completely test before releasing
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      There is no mitochondrial haplogroup showing.


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        I'm a Geno 2.0 Next Gen transfer as well, and I only see my mtDna haplogroup here on FTDNA. The Y-haplogroup page says that it is still under review, however I can see my SNP:s marked in green and there I can find the same SNP that Nat Geo had for me. But it still says it's not completed.


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          geno tansfer

          No Y haplogroup or snps since January 8. Tired of their lame excuses. They started advertising this last August, is that not enough time to beta test and work out the bugs?