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    I took a closer look at the SRT's in the DNA analysis in my Genographic results and found that the 389-2 was recorded as 17. In the Family Tree and E3b pages it is 31. All of the other participants had that value around 30 also. Is it typical for such a number to be a mistake?

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    it's just recorded a different way

    It's not a mistake, it's just recorded a different way.
    Check out the value of your 389-1 marker... I bet it's 14.
    If you add the 389-1 marker value to the 389-2 marker value that the genographic project gave you... (14 + 17) you get what FTDNA reported as the value for 389-2 (31)
    I know it's a little confusing, but that's why you see a difference between the two.


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      Thanks for information

      Ah, I see. My 389-1 was, in fact, 14. Mystery solved. I shall sleep well tonight. Thanks.