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How long does the SNP test take in Genographic project

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  • How long does the SNP test take in Genographic project

    For last one month, the genographic project website is showing the following when I log into the website to check my status. How long would it take to complete the SNP test?

    Did anyone of you go through a similar experience?


    Your sample has completed the DNA analysis phase of testing. However, during quality control your initial results failed to clearly indicate your haplogroup. We must perform additional testing to accurately determine your deep ancestral lineage. This is not uncommon, but will delay the posting of your results by two to three weeks.

    We appreciate your patience. Please also note that this delay is a sign of the Project's success in increasing the diversity of samples in our database.

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    Additional testing is needed sometimes.

    Through the Genographic project I supplied 2 DNA samples. If one sample was no good, they would try the second sample. That would be one form of additional testing.

    I've just ordered my SNP test.