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    I am helping a cousin of mine with her Geno 1.0 account. She gave me her login and password so that I can download her autosomal results to my computer, for the purpose of uploading it to

    I cannot find the link on her account that would allow me to download her file. Does anyone know on which page that is located? Is it even an option with Geno 1.0?

    She doesn't want to pay the fee to upgrade to Geno 2.0 and would prefer to transfer her file to FTDNA instead. Is it possible to transfer a Geno 1.0 file to FTDNA?

    Thank you!

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    Never mind. I was finally able to get through to NG's customer service department. I now know that Geno 1.0 didn't include autosomal testing.


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      Originally posted by Rhea View Post
      Is it possible to transfer a Geno 1.0 file to FTDNA?
      You can try this transfer page. But if she only took the female Geno 1.0 test, her resulting FTDNA account will have only a basic mtDNA haplogroup and HVR1 mutations.


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        Thanks. I was able to get it sorted out with Genographic. Geno 1.0 only tested her mtDNA which is H. Of course it's almost certainly not just H (with one mutation.)

        Sometimes it doesn't pay to be an early adopter as they have not offered to upgrade her test, which they did for me (I tested with Geno 2.0.)