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    Are there any true Indian ( South Asia's India ) contributors to the Genographic project in here ?

    I am from South India awaiting results. I have access to a lab, historians , Antropologists , Linguists of India and wish to take the result of the Genographic further.

    My Fathers side connects to a lot of Gold related business and my mothers side connects to agriculture. Some of my relatives, both from Mothers side and fathers side are still tribals.

    After viewing the Genographic project DVD, I am thining that some of these tribes may find a connection in Australia.

    My Moms side are fair in skin color and very beautiful. My Dads side are athletic , dark skin and some of the men have curly hair.

    I am curious to know where the test results will take me to but looking at the other posts, it looks like the Genographic project can do so much.

    My Dads side of the family is willing to take the results of the Genpgraphic project to the next level with the help of this lab that the family now owns and runs[ ( ah, Gold helps / Charm helps ] and wish to get ideas or suggestions from people. One of its kind in South Asia used primarily for new born screening.

    I will throw this Gene testing lab open to anyone who has noble intentions.
    If you are interested , please shoot me an email at [email protected].

    Pradeep Kumar