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  • Maronites?

    Is there any studie about the christian maronites from mainly Lebanon about there ancestery? They are motsly not so happy to be called arabs and claim to have European(crusaders/france)/fenician/assyrian heritage, any comments on this?

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    Here is an articel about the Lebanses people, allthough the Lebanece force may not be the best source to use.

    Here is another

    But i havent found anything on the maronites or a complete study of their DNA, someboday?


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      I suppose you already have seen the Phoenicia org site but for those who haven't and are also interested in the subject, just click the link.

      From that same site, here's what is available about the Maronites:


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        The only study I can think of is Capelli et al. Population structure in the mediterranean basin: a Y chromosome perspective - Annals of human genetics 2005.
        They do have a sample of lebanese muslims (MLE) and of christian lebanese (CLE). Presumably the latter group contains mostly Maronites. Unfortunately, these samples are relatively small (39 and 43 respectively), so not much can be said. I did not discern anything particularly striking in the distribution of haplogroups. Both groups of lebanese have the usual mediterranean haplogroups (many J's, E3bs, some F*, and a few I and R).
        The only thing that the authors point out regarding the difference between the two is that CLE have 9% J*(xJ2), while MLE have 30% J*(xJ2). J*(xJ2) is interpreted as a typical Arabic marker, so this suggest a lower influence of southern arabian Y genes in CLE versus MLE. (J2 is spread over all the mediterranean and it likely represents a much earlier expansion).

        But as said, the sample is small so it's not clear what one can make of it. (And I don't know anything about mtdna and other genes.) Interestingly, the lebanese sample has a few F*(xI) and K*(xNQ), which I understand are found more in Anatolia and the Caucasus. (I got interested because I am L myself).

        Fyi, if you look for haplogroup L in ysearch, the Lebanese entry represents a Maronite family.