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    Originally posted by ViktorA
    I don´t understand really. Which are the factors that "creates" a persons physicall looks if not heritage and ancestery? I mean allmost everyboday in may familly on my grandfathers side is very dark skinned, i have heard that my great grandfather hade yellow hair and blue eyes. This is something very special for being av muslim arab. Woulden´t this mean that our ancestyrs in some way were from maybe Europe? Or is it just a random mutation in the DNA?

    Check-out - - they have an autosomal test that offers more detail/specificity than - - that only estimates percentages of ancestry from four broad categories.

    There is a lot to be read and explored on both of the above sites, and there is much commentary on the web and in these forums regarding autosomal testing. A search will turn-up many, many links.

    Most users of the tests are either satisfied or unsatisfied depending on whether test results confirm or challenge cherished family lore. Some are stimulated to further genealogical research by the challenge. Many have reasonable reservations regarding autosomal test offerings.

    Both tests are built on solid science although tests results are statistical products - most likely estimates. These tests are no replacement for conventional genealogy.