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    OK, how long did everyone's "Quality Control" phase take? Mine and my husbands tests both state that the testing in complete and they are just doing the Quality Control (at Genographic). When I look at my FTDNA account, it states that my mtDNA is complete as of 3/20/2015, but nothing shows in any of the result buttons. I think my husband's FTDNA account says the same thing (I checked his yesterday and mine again today). How frustrating to know the testing is complete, but I can't get the results from either site yet! But.... at the same time, I am glad to know that the FTDNA site does seem to be keeping up with the "Transfer" I did right after we registered our genographic accounts and they received the kits. I wasn't sure if the "transfer" would work if I did the transfer registration so early, but FTDNA does seem to be showing everything genographic is doing. I did it anyway because I know they are both run by the FTDNA labs.

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    I think mine and my father's took about 2 weeks to go from 80% to complete, back in late fall 2012. Someone who received results recently can report more accurately for nowadays, though.

    Smart thinking to transfer early! Wish I'd thought to do that!


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      OK, this morning my results are FINALLY showing on the Genographic page! They aren't showing on FTDNA yet though... I will give it a couple days and send an e-mail if they don't go through. I think they will, but with a delay. Like I said, it shows the test as complete and it has set up my tabs and my husband's tabs. I did do mtDNA upgrades on mine, but we didn't do any upgrades for my husband and his tabs show too. I think the tabs showed up about 1 1/2 weeks ago, then it showed test complete 3/20 but genographic said results complete but going through quality control phase.

      Funny, everyone posts about % of completion... I never saw anything like that on either of our accounts. We did get some e-mails at different stages, but never a % of completion. Maybe that is an old feature.