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  • How to make UiNeill Soup

    Start with 59 ingredients

    Of the 796, in the initial yDNA sample, 59 individuals featured in a cluster, which was termed the “Irish Modal Haplotype”(IMH) and became known as “Uí Néill” .

    The 59 individuals in this cluster, by surname, were as follows: O'Boyle (9), O'Doherty(5), O'Gallagher(12), O'Donnell(4), O'Connor (3), Cannon(3), Bradley(2), O'Reilly(2), Flynn(2), McKee(2), Campbell (1), Devlin(1), Donnelly(1), Egan(1), Gormley(1), Hynes(1), McCaul (1), McGovern(1), McLoughlin(1), McManus(1), McMenamin(1), Molloy (1), O'Kane(1), O'Rourke(1), Quinn(1).

    The 17 microsatellites used in the research, to establish the IMH were:

    DYS19, DYS388, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393, DYS434, DYS435, DYS436, DYS437, DYS438, DYS439, DYS389I, DYS389B (calculated by subtracting the DYS389I repeat score from that of DYS389II), DYS460, DYS461, and DYS462.

    An Irish Modal Haplotype (IMH ) was concluded to be: 17-marker haplotype with use of the loci as ordered above is: 14-12-25-11-14-13-9-11-12-15-12-12-13-16-11-10-11

    Various media sources published sensational stories such as

    The New York Times article:


    Sunday Times(UK):,00.html

    The articles centre around one man, the one time mythological King of Ireland, also known as “Niall of the Nine Hostages”. This suggested that he may have left a legacy comparable to Genghis Khan and this appears to confirm that the Uí Néill Dynasty really did come from a common ancestor (progenitor). This perhaps indicated that the mythical narrative of Niall's birth and ascent to kingship had a genetic basis after all.


    I don't match the War Lord..but I am interested in the O'Connor folk that did?

    Can their results be invitied into the surname DNA project?
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    more to the point...i'm interested in the O'Connor sequences from that area of Ireland for the Conner Project. i have no interest in the UiNeill thing.

    The UiNeill thing? .........It is rather sad to use actual dna numbers from multyi-Irish surnames and attribute them to a person of legend.

    i like real science than-you..


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      .actually with 12 O'Gallagher samples involved, they may as well have termed the "Irish Modal Haplotype"(IMH) the "O'Gallagher Modal", instead of UiNeill.....(even the 'O'Boyle Modal" with 9 sequences)
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