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Geno2 results on Neandertal and Denisovan

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  • Geno2 results on Neandertal and Denisovan

    Hello all, I'm looking for help in interpreting my Geno2 Neandertal and Denisovan percentages. I had previously received the result of 3.2% Neandertal from 23 and Me. Geno2 gives me 1.7% Neandertal and 3.1% Denisovan. I don't see if Geno2 gives percentiles for these results (as 23 and Me did).

    I would appreciate help in reconciling these percentages. I was surprised at the Denisovan, since my regional ancestry results show 43% Northern European, 37% Mediterrranean, 18% Southwest Asian; my first reference population is British, my second RP is German. Actually, my ancestors have been concentrated in Brittany for hundreds of years(grandparental and great-grandparental surnames are all from one Department), but the reference populations make sense since it's likely most of my ancestors 1,500 years or so back were the Britons who became Bretons, but mixed with Gaullish Celts and the Teutonic Franks and Allemanni to the East.

    YDNA=R-CTS4065; MTDNA=H5

    Many thanks for any help you may supply!

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    I would try one of these forums:


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      I really do not think there any answer to your Neanderthal and Densiovan question. At least I have never seen any satisfactory answer. The two companies are obviously measuring different SNP's but what those are is any ones guess. I am 3.1 % Neanderthal at 23andme but 2.6% N and 2.7%D at National Geographic.

      As far as reference populations for ancestry I find their results to be bizarre at best. I am a 50 /50 split between Northern European and Mediterranean and they list my closes population as Danish? However when you look at Danish by itself it is not close to a 50/50 split.

      I personally have resolved the issue of National geographic
      by ignoring it. It just makes no sense.