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Mingling of two haplogroups

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    Two or more Haplos or ethnicities together

    Hey Hap,
    I sort of suspect the same thing myself,but I can't really explain it! That two (or more) ethnic lineages could be together-in the same haplogroup.There is some validation to it. I'm studying Hap.K because that's what my results are,but it's possible to be mtK(german) and Jewish ,or Mediterranean .Mediterranean being anything in the Medi. region to Iraqi,Turkish,or Armenian types of ethnicities.So some people may be (half mtK German) and half Mediterranean or Jewish,and all in the same Haplogroup on one parent's side.I personally don't carry the Jewish markers,but many Jews say they do and their genes don't match those that are just plain German.Jewish Germans are a distinct bunch of Germans.I read on one of these forums someplace that an mtK-german woman said her eye doctor told her she had Spanish Eyes ,that all Spaniards have certain markings on their eyes.She said she had never been told she was!She said she had been only told she was British!It is possible to be two or more haplogroups combined-but scientists don't explain it!