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    Not only did Adam never meet Eve...

    I had previously posted about how Hammer et al. discovered a 2-million year old East Asian polymorphism, thus rejecting the pure Out of Africa model. Now, in a paper published in the journal Genetics they report a haplotype over a 17.5 kilobase sequence of the X chromosome where 2 out of 3 Mbuti (pygmoid) Africans have a haplotype that is over a million years old. Moreover, in the context of their statistical framework, the authors are able to reject the null hypothesis of "a single, historically panmictic population" originating in Africa.

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    Thanks Het,
    In the same blogspot, next down,

    a paper on actual Adult Lactose Tolerance among disparate African and European populations in the absence of possessing the mutant allele! Another example of chaos-systemic polyinteractive variants?

    "Age estimates based on the intraallelic microsatellite variation indicate that the –13910*T allele, which is more tightly associated with lactase persistence, originated in Eurasia before the Neolithic and after the emergence of modern humans outside Africa. We detected significant departures from neutrality for the –13910*T variant in geographically and evolutionary distant populations from southern Europe (Portuguese and Italians) and Africa (Fulbe) by using a neutrality test based on the congruence between the frequency of the allele and the levels of intraallelic variability measured by the number of mutations in adjacent microsatellites. This result supports the role of selection in the evolution of lactase persistence, ruling out possible confounding effects from recombination suppression and population history...."