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    I recently took part in the Genographic Project and just received my results, which are E3a. I was somewhat surprised because I've been researching my paternal line and believe my ancestors to be from England. E3a is an African lineage. Can anyone explain or tell me the probability that my paternal ancestors could be English with an E3a haplotype?

    I understand that haplogroups have no bearing on physical characteristics (our family is Caucasian with red hair and freckles), but I am just wondering how the ancestors could end up in England. I'm not as educated in history as I should be. Could it be that my original ancestor was picked up on the western coast of Africa as a slave, or captured by Roman gladiators or such? Any thoughts or theories out there?

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    Hey CheriR,

    Wow, E3a! And I thought my E3b from England was unusual. You're right, there are a myriad of ways your ancestors could have gotten to England. The first things that spring to mind for me are Romans (legions, gladiators, private citizens, etc) or colonialism and the slave trade. Of course, Phoenecian traders had wide-spread colonies as well, so that's another possibility.

    I'm curious. Do you have family records going back to England and if so, how far back and to what general location?

    The fun thing about having an uncommon haplogroup for an area is that there has to be an interesting story of how your family got there just begging to be uncovered .