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D5 mtDNA in Scandinavia

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    Originally posted by Noaide
    Prejudice is common also regarding the Saami, it seems everything is better than to have Saami anchestors so people call them self Norwegians, or Kvens instead. Both Saami and NA seem to be connected with drunk and bad people among other things.
    The haplogroup of N is rather rare . MtN is found in few places.Mostly in Australia,which I guess makes them some sort of Aboriginal people. I always thought all of those Asians were smart with plenty of earth sense. But neither the D nor the N live near each other,that would have to be a chance meeting or migration. I guess prejudice would affect them,mainly because I think people wouldn't know who they are ,no one knows what a Saami is.And most peole in the west are expected to fit in,or conform the the mainstream,which would be hard to do if you wanted to acknowledge some other lineage besides standard European,which is Mt-H I guess,it's Europe's largest haplogroup.Other Reg.Euro haplogroups are acknowledged too,but it helps to have a separate land,and economy,unless you want to be forced to conform to another's ideals,standards.I think rare breeds should be treated with extra care,but usually the opposite is done.Saami's are 4%population,my clan is 8%,not that much bigger,Iguess we're rare by Europe's Standards.


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      It seems my D5b is not in Scandinavia due to more recent historic events. Its motif is mainly seen among the Saami and populations around the White Sea in todays Russia, and one observations among the Altains in Siberia. It occurs at low frequencies. One Saami group living beside Lake Inari in north Finland have it at under 30% (maybe I remember wrong).

      I still not found a possible age for my particular motif of D5b.