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    Rais Giovanni Caggegi Raciti Haggiag Rais Barone di Santo Stefano Di Camastra

    Rais Giovanni Caggegi Raciti Haggiag Rais Barone di Santo Stefano Di Camastra


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      Merlo, (Familia) c1450-1926

      terza parte - il Piemontese

      Reg. gen. 4
      per o
      oppure e non accentata cambia la finale in a merlo, merla
      màire, màira \m'ærlu\ \m'ærl&\
      merlo, merla
      \m'aire\ \m'&ir&\
      magro, magra

      Merlo (Blackbird)

      Shield: trimmed of blue and goldwith the band of red on the partition,the first point to the Blackbird (Merlo) of passing gold on the band and sorante, with the turned over again head surmounted by three silver stars, talons in band. Abode: Palermo, Sicily. An ancient and noble family, that emigrated originally from Spain, where it possessed different titles which passed to Sicily in two different periods.

      The first time it appears with a Henry Merlo (1371), with a Phillip Castellano of Catania (1425), with a Blasco, family of the King. The second time with the Magnificent Carrillo de Merlo, Captain of 200 Spanish infantry-men, which maintained in Sicily many and important military charges, (horses) more than 1500 in stables were definitely of theMerlo family in Palermo. A Joseph was Governor of the Mountain of Pity (1688), an Anthony Merlo was Judge Magistrate (17I7), a Domenico was invested in 1789 with the barony of the Scannatura in Palermo; a Joseph was invested with the title of marquis (September 20 th, 1785), after the feud of St. Elizabeth; another Marquis, Joseph was deputy to the supreme Magistrate of public health, the arm of the institute of sciences, letters and arts and a senator in Palermo, while a Charles, an official of the sea harbor was exiled from Sicily on the motions of the year 1820. Another Domenico was the field marshal of king Constantine's Calvary and he was brother of an another Joseph who was invested with the title of baronof Tagliavia, sealed with the sovereign notary on June 7th, 1820 and it was of the Inperial order of the Iron Crown; finally, another marquis Domenico, was senator of the Kingdom. The Merlo family succeeded the noble Paratore family in the titles of prince of Pacts, Baron of Tripi, etc., title of prince of Pacts. with RR. LL.PP - August 13 th 1921 was recognized to Elvira Merlo and Domenico in Bonacorsi, and from this, for anticpated succession, it was transmitted to the son of Domenico, the titles of marquis of Saint Elizabeth andof Baron of Tripi (Pariah); they were recognized with a decree of the Head of the Govenor on May 19, 1929, to Vincent Merlo of Theodore, while the title of baronof Tagliavia was recognized with D. Merlo, September 30th, 1921 to a Joseph Merlo and subsequently in 1926 to the first-born child Henry. Affiliate to the gold book with the title of noble of the barons of Tagliavia: Phillip, Joseph, Henry's Paolino; Elizabeth, Henry, Charles and Riccardo of Paolino.

      Merlo~Melo (Familia)

      Merlo, (Familia) c1450-1926

      Merlo y Aparicio, Ramon de Merlo, (Familia) -+ Merlo Barbosa. Francisco Javier de Merlo. (Familia) -+ Merlo y Toro, Pedro Ignacio de Merlo, (Familia) -+ Merlo Velazquez, Francisco Javier de Merlo, (Fam) nobles Espana, Argentina Calvo11.

      Merlo Diego de (c- 1450), capitan - Espana Vasco I 600,22.
      Merlo, Alonso de (c- 1483), teniente general - Espana - Vasco - I 600,12-200 .
      Merlo, Pedro (c- 1530), prior - Espana - Vasco -1600.30.

      Merlo, Roderic (c-1546> maestro imaginero -Espana -Rdfols: Dicc- I 592, 174 rio J

      Merlo, Francisco de (c-1548), conquistador Honduras Sociedad Bibliojilos lI 92,165'.

      MERLO, OF THE SOURCE. Luis Jose. (Valdepenas, Real City, 1550? Lima, Peru, 1638). After studying law in Salamanca (1584), he exercised his career in the peninsula, although for the most part, since 1588, he appears as hearer in the Real Audience of Panama. He was prosecutor of crime in Peru. Luis was the civil inspector as well as the American military gear inspector for the city of Lima. Within the Kingdom of Chile, he founded the Real Audience of Santiago, and was president of the Tribunal of the Holy Crusade. Lastly, Luis Merlo was also the viceroy of that whole territory. As the distinguished official of the Spanish Administration in America, he served with loyalty, for a period in time of fifty years to the three kings. He is Felipe of the house of Austria. Bibiog. Medina, José T. Collection of unpublished documents for the history Chile 1518-1818, Santiago from Chile, I 888-1902. [I.V.R].

      Merlo-Vicente (c. 1553> fraile, escritor Espana - RamCrez: 1921 -11592, 175.

      MERLO, last name that existed in Valdepenas. (Real city) in the century XVl. Alfonso and Juan of Merlo were religious, the Military Order of Calatrava. In the century XVlll, also in Algete, Madrid and Boadilla of the mountain, the last noted place I saw the name was in the region o fthe river of the Duero (Valladolid) - IF.M'P.

      MERLO, Giraldo of. Siglo XVll. the Sculptor. In 1607, he displays the shields of the Cardinal Sandoval and Rojas for the capital of the Sacrarium, in the cathedral of Toledo. Later, he finished Saint Joseph's image on the facade project for Francisco of Mora for the church dedication of this saint in Avila.He collaborates with Jorge ManuelTheotoco, in the missing altarpiece of Titulatambien. He worked on the sculptures of San Pedro Mártir from Toledo, in the church of the monastery of Guadalupe, as well as for the cathedrals of the Cityand of Siguenza, where he attacksfirst the topic of the lnmaculate Conception.

      Merlo de la Fuente. Luis - t- Fuente. Luis Merlo de la (c. 1609), gobernador. oidor-Espana, Chile, PerU Alcedo,Medina 6.Mendiburu, Roa,Vasco 1600, 43'68; 11 592,Ram Crez: 1920 - 1600, 25; 11 592,169171.

      Merlo. Giraldo de (t 1622). escultor Espana, Porfugal - Pamplona.
      Merlo, Juan de (c- 1647), religioso Mexico - Medina: Puebla - II 592, 172.
      Merloo, Francisco Jose (c. 1650), fiscal - PerU - Mendiburu - 1 600. 24.

      Merlo de la Fuente, Luis Jose (* 1611, t 1690), eclesiastico. oidor - PerU, Espana Medina 2, Mendiburu- Vasco - 1 600, 69'88.

      Merlo de la Fuente, Juan (t 1662). can6nigo, obispo - Mexico, Honduras - Alcedo, Beristain. GarcCa: Mexicanos- Leduc, Mendiburu, Peral - I 600, 38.42; II 592,181.

      Merlo. Nicolas (c- 1686), dominico - Mexico - Beristain - 1600.29.

      Merlo. Maria Rosalia ( 1704, t 1772).capuchina. escritora ltalia, Espana Serra"ESC 7

      Merlo de la Fuente. Francisco Jose (c- 1709), abogado - PerU, Chile Medina
      Merlo Y Toro. Pedro Ignacio de (* 1727) (c- 1763). escribano publico - Argentina Calvo - 11 592, 58'159.

      Merlo Velazquez, Francisco Javier de (* 1752) (c- 1775). escribano pUblico - Argentina Calvo - Il 592, 159.

      Merlo, Manuel (c- 1756), medico - Guatema~Medina: Guatemala - 11 592.

      Merlo, Maximo (c-1784), compositor Espana Saldoni 1 600, 28 (1880), corredor de bolsa, negociante Argentina Fonte"la 1600, 32.

      Merlo Y Aparicio, Ram6n de (* 1777> coronel guerrero- Argendna Calvo11 .
      Merlo Harbosa. Francisco Javier de (t 1758, mil.escribano Espana, Argent Calvo Restrepo- 1600. 37- lI 592. 176'180.

      Merlo, Maria born married born 1826, in Santo Stefano di Briga, Sicily, near Messina. She married Giovanni BOMBACI, born, 1823. They were married, 9 January 1849, in Santo Stefano di Briga.

      Merlo de la Vega, Antonia (* 1852), music610ga - Espana - Saldoni I 600,90.

      Merlo, Sebastian and his spouse Josephine Agliano were born in 1854, residing in Castogiovanni, Caltanisette, Enna. Sicily. They had two daughters, Venera, the oldest of their three children, c.1881-1959, who married Joseph Totoro (Totaro), they in turn had seven children, Anthony, Jennie1, Sebastian, Samuel (Salvatore), Paul, Josephine, Jennie2. Rosa, Venera's younger sister first married Joseph Totoro in 1904, they gave birth to Anthony, who died shortly thereafter. Rosa also died within that same year. c.1885-1906. Benjamin, the youngest of the three siblings emigrated to the United States with his sisters around 1900, living in Philadelphia, Pa. Ben and his wife had two sons, Benjamin (Reds), who married Catherine
      Capp, (Merucci), they had one son Thomas Gaeton, c. 7-1941; Mario, who married ? they also had children.

      Merlo, Antonia (c- 1865). solfista - Espana - Saldoni -1600.21.

      Merlo Elfas - poeta - Espana - Vasco - 1600. 23.
      Merlo Y Merlo, Lorenzo de (c-1868),abogado,escritor agron6mico Espana Vasco 1600.

      Merlo Rojas, J- Agustin (* 1885) (c- 1947), educador. escritor - Arge"dna - Dicc- Biogrdjico 11 592, 183.186.

      Merlo V,. Jorge H- (*1899) (c.1952), medico cirujano-Ecuador -Ve"-Il 592,187.
      Merlo. Ernesto V (c-1948), medico, catedratico- Argentina Biogr.-11 592, 164


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        Conte Azzolino d'Este

        Conte Azzolino d'Este

        Nel 1217 il Conte Azzolino d'Este della Marca Anconitana, ebbe il castello in feudo da Papa Innocenzo III e lo chiamò Crypta Azzolina o Grottazzolina.


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          Don Giovanni Azzolina - Serraino - Merlo - Raciti Estati - Barone di Santo Stefano di Camastra - Mistretta S.Stefano di Camastra - Mistretta

          Estati: Felicita, Puzzarello, Antara e Sparta

          Casi: Santo Stefano di Camastra ME, Randazzo CT, Melbourne VIC e Sydney NSW


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            “Luoghi dei Trigona” (Palazzo Trigona della Floresta, Palazzo Azzolina e Galizzi, Palazzo Velardita, Palazzo Trigona di Roccabianca, Palazzo di Mandrascate di via Umberto, Palazzo Trigona di Montagna di Marzo, Palazzo Mandrascate di piazza Castello, Palazzo di S. Cono, Palazzo di S. Elia, Palazzo di Spedalotto, Palazzo Geraci e Palazzo di Città)».

            Famiglia Serraino

            I viali alberati, le scalinate in cotto fiorentino, le statue, i putti, le sirene, i personaggi mitologici, parlano di una signorilità d'altri tempi, quando agli inizi del secolo il capostipite della famiglia Serraino, per amore della baronessa Stabile che risiedeva a Firenze, volle ricreare la stessa atmosfera che aveva ammirato nelle ville medicee, e nel chiderla in moglie, offrirgli questo dono originale.


            “Places of the Trigona” (Palace Trigona of the Floresta, Palace Azzolina and Galizzi, Palace Velardita, Palace Trigona of Roccabianca, Palace of Mandrascate of via Umberto, Palace Trigona of Mountain of March, Palace Castle square of Mandrascate, Palace of S. Cone, Palace of S. Helium, Palace of Spedalotto, Palace Geraci and Palace of Town) ».

            Family Serraino

            The tree-lined avenues, the staircases in Florentine, the statues, the cupids, the sirens, the mythological characters, talk about a times altri of elegance, when to the beginnings of the century the progenitor of the family Serraino, for love of the Stable baron that resided to Florence, wanted to recreate the same atmosphere that had admired in the villas Medicee - Medicee Medici villas.


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              Santo Stefano di Camastra
              Province of Messina
              Sicily Region, Italy

              The town is situated at the foot of the northern slopes of the Nebrodi Mountains, on a hill in a panoramic position over the Thyrrhenian Sea, with the Aeolian islands in the distance, and is famous for the production of quality ceramics, that are sold to visitors in the many shops along the streets of the center. The town itself is a homage to the stefanense ceramic with its panels in the squares, house street numbers, the signs and floors of the shops.

              It is the main ceramics center in western Sicily, and its repertoire is extremely rich of forms and colors, including among its main motives geometrical decorations in the Louis 14th style, bright enamel colors, rustic objects of Sicily.

              Altitude: 70 m a.s.l
              Population: about 5,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 98077 -- Phone Area Code: 0921

              The town originated around the Benedictine monastery of Santa Croce di Santo Stefano in Val Demone, established in the Norman period (11th century AD), and took at that time the name of Santo Stefano di Mistretta (Mistretta being at the time the nearest important center). Situated in an area rich in clay pits, with a tradition probably going much backwards, in the 15th century the center developed the manufacture of ceramics, bricks and tiles.
              The present town rose after a disastrous landslide on 6 june 1682, that destroyed the village of Santo Stefano di Mistretta, whose inhabitants moved then to a safer position. The reconstruction was planned by Giuseppe Lanza Barresi, an enlightened aristocrat and great humanitarian figure, who had the titles of Alcantara knight, Duke of Camastra and Prince of Santo Stefano. In his honor the name was changed to Santo Stefano di Camastra. The Duke also founded and supported the Collegio di Maria, an educational institution for poor girls, an orphanage and the Convento dei Frati Minori.

              The plan of the new town, a diamond inscribed within a square, was inspired by both Versailles and Villa Giulia in Palermo, with wide streets sided by palm trees and green areas. The square is oriented to the cardinal points, its axes are the diagonals of the diamond inside, then tracing all connections the lines become streets, the junctions become square, according to the models of ideal urban schemes typical of the Renaissance. Though since the late 18th century the original borders were not enough to contain the increased population, it is still possible to see the original design, with sides 200 mt long, enough to host an ideal population of 2,000 people.

              WHAT TO SEE:
              Museo Civico delle Ceramiche in Palazzo Sergio, once belonging to the Duke of Camastra, still with the original maiolica floors.
              The 17th-century parish church of San Nicola di Bari, with has a fine Renaissance portal, recovered from an earlier building; in the baroque interior there are fine 18th-century stucco decorations, a marble statue of the Madonna delle Grazie of the Cagini school and two fine canvases by painter Giuseppe Patania (1780/1852) from Palermo.
              Outside the town the Cimitero Vecchio with tombs from 1878 to 1880, beautifully decorated with maiolica work.

              Benvenuti nella più grande area protetta della Sicilia

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                I have some Spanish genes; I am a Merlo & Serraino. Both my wife and first daughter looks Spanish. Where has my second daughter and I carry fair eyes & hair. My wife's father and maternal grandmother had green & blue eyes. My wife has very fair skin. Where my first daughter and I have the ability to tan better than my wife and second daughter.


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                  How the hell did your wife obtain your Spanish genes????


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                    Spaniards in Sicily

                    Originally posted by Astuto
                    How the hell did your wife obtain your Spanish genes????
                    Given its position in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sicily has been the crossroads of civilizations and ethnic groups from the Middle East, Europe and North Africa going back at least 3,000 years. It starts with the Greeks and Phoenicians/Carthaginians. For most of the period of about 1300 to 1860, Sicily was ruled by a succession of Aragonese and Spanish kings.

                    So, I don't think it's hard to imagine that there was some intermarriage between Spanish administrators, soldiers and merchants in Sicily and the native Sicilian population. The town of my paternal ancestors is Mezzojuso. Now how did a Sicilian town come to have a "j" in its name, when there is no "j" in the Italian language? I suspect it had something to do with the Spanish rule?

                    Mike Maddi
                    Co-administrator of the Sicily Project


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                      John said HE had Spanish genes, nowhere in this thread did he mention his wife possessing them....unless she "borrowed" them?


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                        Look again...

                        Look again...

                        *Both my wife and first daughter look-looks Spanish.

                        I am waiting on her dna results that the end of this month.


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                          Please note the full stop... Before

                          Please note the full stop... Before - Both my wife and first daughter look-looks Spanish.


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                            If The Aurignacian culture are members of H1 - R1b - R1b3 - R-M269...

                            If The Aurignacian culture are members of H1 - R1b - R1b3 - R-M269...

                            They found an Aurignacian site in Fontana Nuova di Ragusa in Sicily. This could be the oldest culture found in Sicily to date.

                            I believe The Aurignacian culture is the earliest natives of the island of Sicily. They possible came from France and entered from the north of Italy.


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                              (Thread 2)

                              Is there some reason all messages on this topic are posted to 2 different threads?


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                                Our family names

                                Raciti - Venera RACITI - About 1775 Aci Reale, Catania, Catania, Italy

                                Azzolina - Giuseppa Paola AZZOLINA - About 1722

                                Mistretta,Messina, Sicilia Region, Italy

                                Azzolino - Benedetto AZZOLINO - About 1769 Casi, Caserta, Italy

                                Azzo - Alberto (Oberto) Azzo Pfalzgrave - abt 0925 Verona, Lombardi, Italy

                                Serraino - JOSE SERRAINO - 1789 Longobardi, Catanzaro, Italy

                                Bartolome Martinez Serrano - abt 1546 Granada, Granada, Spain

                                Letizia - Mattia Letizia - 1738 S Nicola,La Strada, Caserta, Italy

                                Merlo - Giacomo MERLO - Abt. 1568 San Nazario, Vicenza, Italy

                                Merlo - François Jacques MERLO - 1644 - Lebiez, 62990, FRANCE

                                Renna - Angela Maria RENA - Abt 1720 Verghera, Samarate, Varese, Italy

                                Neosi - Camilla Neosi - 05 AUG 1888 London, Middlesex, Ontario

                                Aliberti - Maria Giovanna Aliberti - abt 1773 Prata D'Ansidonia, L'Aquila, Italy

                                Caggegi - Rosa CAGGEGI - 1815 Randazzo, Catania, Italy

                                Zingali - Vincenzo ZINGALI - abt 1790 Randazzo, Catania, Italy

                                Palermo - Domenico Antonio Palermo - abt 1687 S.Vito,Chieti,Italia

                                Mazzeo - Giovanni Mazzeo - 1790 Rofrano, Salerno, Italy

                                Fuoti - Salvadore Fuoti - abt 1782 Santo Stefano di Camastra, Messina Prov. Sicily

                                La Rosa - Antonino LA ROSA - Abt. 1753 Termine Imerese, Palermo, Italy

                                Patti - MARGARETA PATTI - 16 JUL 1707 Seraing, Liege, Belgium

                                Baldassare PATTI - 18 Nov 1621 Arsago, Milano, Italy

                                Todaro - Antonio TODARO - Abt 1700, Of Agrigento, Italy

                                Russo - Antonina RUSSO - Abt. 1591 Italy