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Will there be a Geno 3.0?

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  • Will there be a Geno 3.0?

    I've tested myself and my paternal grandfather for Geno 2.0. My maternal grandmother is elderly and I am wondering if it makes sense to test her for Geno 2.0. I've tested her with FTDNA already. Does it make sense to test with Geno 2.0 in order to at least have a sample in case there is Geno 3.0 and I want to upgrade? Any advice on this?


    - KC

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    So, you tested her at FTDNA for Family Finder already?

    I would test your grandfather & grandmother for Family Finder.
    Or, if you have the money, buy ancestryDNA ($99) and transfer to FTDNA. ($69)
    You can fish in more ponds more cost effectively.

    P.S. It is preferable to test males for Geno 2.0 because of the yDNA SNPs.
    Does your grandmother have a living brother?
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      I think it's a waste of money testing females in Geno2. also when they do market a geno 3 they will more than likely send a new kit that is not connected to Geno 2 just like they did with those Geno 1 folk who went up to Geno 2.