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  • Seeking Advice on Further Testing

    I just received my results from the Genographic Project and they were surprising to me. I am very much a layman when it comes to the genetic science behind the tests, so I had no place to turn for advice until I clicked to this site.

    I am from Thailand, my father being of Thai-Lao descent and my mother of Thai and Chinese descent. My test was the Y-chromosome test and the results indicated that I am a member of haplogroup G (M201). My map shows that M201 is not contiguous with any lines that go into Southeast Asia or East Asia. M201 terminates in what corresponds roughly to Pakistan/Northern India. And this is what baffles me.

    My report says that M201 is rare, and that it perhaps originated in the Indus River Valley. Do these results suggest that I have a forgotten Indian relative somewhere in my patrilineal heritage, perhaps an immigrant from India who settled in Thailand sometime in the last few hundred years? Are there other general conclusions that I may make with these results?

    Because the Genographic test raises questions for me, I wish to proceed with additional testing and would prefer to go with Family Tree DNA. Now that I've completed this 12 marker test through the Genographic Project, which FTDNA test would be best to purchase next? Would another test entail providing another cheek swab sample?



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    To confirm that you are a member of Y haplogroup G you would need to do a "SNP" test, available from FTDNA. If that confirms that you are G, your presumption about Indian ancestry may be correct.


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      Some southeast asian belong to Haplogroup G, L, H, or R1a because of the contact with Indian hundreds years ago.