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Important Info About Geno 2.0 (Which is on sale again)

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  • Important Info About Geno 2.0 (Which is on sale again)

    Geno 2.0 is on sale for $159.99 (normal price $199.99).

    If you are ordering a Geno 2.0 kit for someone else, especially an elderly relative, be sure to tell that person to get his or her Participant ID number from the kit and give it to you. You need the Participant ID to register online at the Genographic Project web site and access the results. The Participant ID comes with the test kit and is not available any other way.

    If you fail to get that Participant ID, there is no way you will be able to see the results.

    Geno 2.0 kits are sent in anonymously; no individual's name, address, etc., is associated with them. The only thing you possess connecting you to a particular kit is that Participant ID. Once it is lost, you are up Kakashka Creek, as the Russians might say.

    Once you get the Participant ID alphanumeric code, go to Nat Geo's Genographic web site and register. Once that code is connected to you, you have access to the results, and are all set.

    I thought everyone should know this because I almost blew it with the kit I paid for and had sent to my father. I thought Nat Geo would send me all the needed info, since I had given them my email address. I did not realize I had to alert my 83-year-old dad to be on the lookout for that Participant ID. Had I not happened to see some guys discussing the subject on the L21 Facebook Group, I would have let that Participant ID go, and the money I spent on my dad's Geno 2.0 test would have been in vain.

    I called my dad as soon as I found out. He had to fish the paperwork out of his trash can to locate that Participant ID! Caramba!!!


    Thank God!

    Another day and that ID would have been long gone.

    I got the ID from my dad and registered with Geno 2.0. Happy ending.