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The Genetic origin of the Saami people of Scandinavia

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  • Noaide
    I got my result and it place me in the hg N. The Y DNA predictor put me very clearly (100) in the subcategory ng N3. Not a suprise given my Saami anchestry.

    I have now ordered the mtDNA test. My maternal line goes straight to my great grandmother and she only knew Saami language. I expect a hit on either V or U who have high frequencies among the Saami.

    Does it exist any mtDNA predictor than can increase the resolution of the result?

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  • Noaide
    started a topic The Genetic origin of the Saami people of Scandinavia

    The Genetic origin of the Saami people of Scandinavia

    I feel very puzzled about the genetic origin of the saami. It is cleary an European people but the male and female origin seems different.

    The female frequencies is as follows:

    V = 41.6%
    U5b1b1 = 47.6%
    H1 = 2.5%
    D5 = 3.1%
    Z = 1.3%

    The male frequence is :

    N3 = 37% - 55%
    I = 33%
    R1a = 11%
    R1b = 4%

    The maternal line clearly indicate a western origin while the maternal lines shows both an clearly eastern and a weaker western origin.

    Any ideas?

    I have read the thesis to Tamberts and Rootsi about mtDNA and Y-chromo for the saami respictivly. And they suggest a immigration from the Iberia refugia to Scandinavia during and after the ice age trough eastern Europa and also an coastal immigration directly from northern europe to the scandinavian southern coast.

    There is indication that the Berbers of Northern Africa and the Saami shared a maternal line around 10 000 years old.